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Whale vomit worth $63,000 found by 8-year-old Charlie Naysmith


Two chunks of ambergris, or solidified whale vomit, are pictured above.

An 8-year-old boy made an improbable discovery walking on a beach in Great Britain, stumbling onto a large chunk of whale vomit.

And while that may sound disgusting, whale vomit is also very rare. It's worth up to $10,000 a pound.

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Charlie Naysmith told the Daily Echo newspaper that the vomit, known as ambergris, looked like a large yellowish beige rock with a waxy finish when he spotted it at Hengistbury Head.

Ambergris is a waxy substance that forms in the intestinal tracts of sperm whales and is expelled into the ocean.

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It's in high demand with perfume makers because it can be used to prolong a perfume's scent, according to CBS News.

A pound of it sells for as much as $10,000.

Naysmith's 600-gram piece of cetacean upchuck could be worth as much as $63,000, his father, Alex Naysmith,  told the Daily Echo are still researching the product.

Charlie is considering using the money to open an animal shelter, his father said.