Typhoon Tembin to hit the Koreas


A man walks past an airport board announcing that all flights are cancelled following major typhoon Bolaven at Seoul domestic airport in Seoul on August 28, 2012. The state weather agency issued a typhoon warning on early August 28, 2012 for Seoul, the capital of about 10 million people, as the storm named Bolaven continued moving northwards.



Citizens of Korean peninsula currently attempting to clean up after Tuesday's typhoon Bolaven, must brace for another that's expected to reach South Korea late Thursday.

According to the Associated Press, typhoon Tembin could be particularly damaging to North Korea, where the extent of the damage from Bolaven is still unclear.

Tembin is currently working its way north after hitting Taiwan. According to the Korea Times, the typhoon is expected to reach Seoul by Friday morning, and will drench the parts of the country with downpours of more than 150 milliliter of rain per hour.

Bovalen has killed at least 12 people in South Korea, the BBC reported. In North Korea, state media reported damages to crops and power lines.

North Korea, which has been ravaged by heavy flooding in July, has been struggling to provide its people with food, shelter, healthcare and clean water.