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Tomatina festival in Bunol, Spain paints the town red (PHOTOS)


Revelers throw tomato pulp at the annual Tomatina festival on August 29, 2012 in Bunol, Spain. An estimated 35,000 people throw 120 tons of ripe tomatoes in the world's biggest tomato fight held annually in this Spanish Mediterranean town.


Pablo Blazquez Dominguez

What's been dubbed the "world's biggest foodfight" got underway today in Spain, where thousands celebrated the abundant tomato harvest by pelting 120 tons of the fruit at each other in the streets of Bunol, a village near Valencia, the Washington Post reported.

The annual Tomatina food fight is now in its 64th year, according to the Associated Press.

AFP reported that many wore yellow T-shirts emblazoned with "Fanatic of the Tomatina," and swimming goggles to keep the acidic juice out of their eyes. Snorkels could be spotted in photos of the shenanigans, too.

The decades-old tradition always takes place on the last Wednesday in August, and this year is expected to bring the town about $380,000 in revenue, AFP reported. Though its origins are unclear, the festival is thought to have stemmed from a friendly food fight between children in the 1940s, AFP said.

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