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Mom charged after giving son, 4, "shots of beer" at bar


Witnesses claim a mom brought her son to an Irish bar in South Carolina and gave him three “shots of beer.”


Peter Macdiarmid

A South Carolina mother gave her son "shots of beer" at her local bar, police allege.

Gretchen Lynn Kinnear, 44, was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and is in jail awaiting a court hearing.

The Charlotte Observer reported Kinnear brought her son to McHale’s Irish pub in Fort Mill last Saturday and allegedly gave him alcohol.

When she refused to stop, a patron at the bar contacted police. The witness told officers he saw Kinnear giving the small child three “shots of beer,” the newspaper reported.

When officers arrived, they found Kinnear sitting at a table with her son, where she admitted letting him sample the beer, the Observer reported.

The boy told officers his mom gave him “tea” that tasted funny and made him giggle. He also said he had similar “tea” at home.

The New York Daily News said that in the police report, Kinnear admitted she had given her son wine at home but said she “doesn’t do it to get him drunk or keep him quiet."

Authorities placed the boy in the temporary custody of his babysitters.