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Made in India: Alcopal, a drug to beat breathalyzer


Made in India: Alcopal, a drug that beats the breathalyzer.

India's pharma companies are best known for the cheap generics that have helped Africa fight HIV. But that ain't all they do.

According to a report in the Hindustan Times, cops in the UK -- or "Bobbies," as they supposedly call them over there -- are a wee bit annoyed about a pesky drug being manufactured in India.

Called "Alcopal," it purportedly allows users to beat the breathalyzer, even when they're lashed (outdoorsy teetotaler Bear Grylls' favorite word for drunk).

"Supplier Arthur Kibble claims a motorist who has had alcohol above the legal limit can reduce the booze reading to almost zero," the paper said. "If his claims are correct, it could mean a driver who had five pints of beer can still be found to be under the limit."

In a bit of bad news for Lindsay Lohan, it's already banned in the US. But retailers in the UK are selling it online.