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A large furry moth found in Venezuela may prove the existence of monsters


The Venezuelan poodle moth has captured much attention given its bizarre appearance.


Arthur Anker/Flickr

Scientists working in the Venezuelan jungle have come across a new species of poodle moth whose photo begs just one question: "why?"

The photo of the moth has capitvated the internet, while few viewers can determine its size and whether or not it has good intentions.

Indeed, its dark, mysterious eyes, horns and white fur can either render it a spawn of the devil himself or a noble beast reminiscent of the adorable Mogwai, Gizmo, from the Gremlins.

Zoologist Arthur Anker of Kyrgyzstran said that he found the new species of moth in the Gran Sabana region in Venezuela, reported CBC News.

Now, working from photos, scientists have to place the moth in a category of species - not easy with tens of thousands of different moth species that already exist, said NBC News.

So far the moth has provoked numerous comparisons: is it a Pokemon? Is it Godzilla's archnemesis Mothra?

Without a real life sample, we may never know.