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Florida pastor credits prayer group with moving Tropical Storm Isaac away from the RNC (VIDEO)


Florida pastor Jesten Peters, who said her prayer group was able to send Tropical Storm Isaac away from the Republican National Convention.



Florida pastor Jesten Peters has credited her prayer group for sending Tropical Storm Isaac away from the Republican National Convention.

Isaac took a northwestern route in the Gulf of Mexico and largely avoided the Tampa Bay area and Peters, of Keys of Authority Ministries, told the Christian Broadcasting Network that the group was able to pray the tropical storm away, asking God to spare the RNC from harm.

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"We have had lots and lots of people praying around the clock that it would move, and after you watch from the very beginning where they were saying it was coming and now where they say it is going, then it has really moved out of the way for us and we appreciate God doing that and moving it for us," said Peters to correspondent Paul Strand, who was reporting for the religious lifestyle show hosted by televangelist Pat Robertson.

According to Right Wing Watch, in 1985, Robertson said that his prayer moved Hurricane Gloria away from Virginia Beach, were CBN is based, and toward New York. Earlier this year he also said that prayer could have stopped a string of deadly tornadoes.

Many high-profile entertainers also took to Twitter to call on people to pray the day before Isaac was expected to hit New Orleans, reported the Christian Post.  New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees asked for God to protect those in the path of the storm, and director Spike Lee, who created a documentary showcasing the lives of Hurricane Katrina victims, sent out prayers via his Twitter account.

"Prayers And Blessings For The Good People Of New Orleans And Gulf Coast For Oncoming Hurricane," Lee tweeted. "BE SAFE.BE WELL. Peace And Love.God Bless You."