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Bears besiege a Canadian town in search of an easy meal (VIDEO)


A town in Newfoundland, Canada have been besieged by hungry black bears.


Paula Bronstein

Bears are ravaging a small Newfoundland town say residents.

The fed-up townspeople have been taking matters into their own hands, meting out vigilante justice in the form of shotgun blasts.

Indeed, three bears have been executed this week alone by locals.

Residents of Glovertown, NFLD. say that the bears have become emboldened in recent months after the town's dump closed in the spring.

The brazen black bears apparently stroll through town now like they own the place, reported VOCM.

Fifteen bears have already been trapped by residents, while 100 incidents with bears have been reported to authorities, said the Canadian Press.

"I don't know what the solution is," a local man told CBC News.

"But somebody, I fear, is going to be hurt — a youngster or somebody here in town — eventually is going to be hurt by one of the bears. Then there's going to be some drastic measures taken."