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NJ woman claims 100 orgasms a day due to medical condition


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While some women complain about never having them, one woman says she has so many orgasms a day, it interferes with her life.

Kim Ramsey says she has a medical condition in which she has up to 100 orgasms a day, according to The Daily Mail.

The 44-year-old nurse from England says she suffers from Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) which was caused when she fell down stairs in 2001.

According to the Mail, even slightly moving her pelvic doing errands, household chores or sitting in the car or train can trigger an exhausting climax.

Doctors say it is triggered by spinal cysts where orgasms originate.

More from GlobalPost: Best tribute ever? Diana Krall sings "Fly Me To The Moon" for Neil Armstrong (VIDEO) reported there are 28 published studies describing the condition, citing one British study which described the condition as “involuntarily aroused genitally for extended periods in time in the absence of sexual desire.”

There is no "effective treatment," according to the researchers.