Taiwan official says men should pee sitting down

Canadian female action sports star Jolene Van Vugt's support crew make some last minute adjustments prior to her setting a new land speed Guiness World Record for a motorized toilet in Sydney on May 2, 2012. After a few technical issues with the toilet Van Vugt beat the existing record of 68 km/h by 7 km/h, after completing the stunt in both directions with an average of the two speeds taken to give her the new world record.
Credit: Greg Wood

Pee on public toilet seats seems to be inevitable in life. But not to the Taiwan government, which wants to do something about the issue.

Stephen Shen, Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) minister, has said that men should pee sitting down in order to keep toilets cleaner, BBC News reported. Officials are even asking local governments to post flyers advising men to sit down.

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The EPA's passion about the issue has stirred debate in Taiwan, with men protesting that sitting down is difficult because they're not used to it. But the EPA says that many toilets have a bad stench because of urine splatter. "In Japan, we heard 30 percent of the men sit," Yuan Shaw-jing, EPA director general of environmental sanitation and toxic substance maintenance, told the BBC. How he got that figure, we will never know.

But perhaps Japanese men have better aim not because they sit down, but because they simply have better toilets. A 2011 article by the Guardian says that Sega has been installing videogames in some Japanese men's bathrooms to help improve their aim.

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