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98 percent of Canadians believe in climate change: Do they know something we don't?


A new survey found that only 2 percent of Canadians deny climate change.


Harry Gerwin

A survey found that few Canadians doubt climate science, a stark contrast to their southern neighbors.

The survey, conducted by Insightrix Research, Inc. found that 32 percent believe that global warming is man-made while 54 percent think it's a combination of factors.

"Our survey indicates that Canadians from coast to coast overwhelmingly believe climate change is real and is occurring, at least in part due to human activity," said centre CEO Carmen Dybwad, reported CBC News.

As for the doubters, Dybwad didn't mince words.

"When you say 98 per cent of people believe this, the kind of frivolous answer would be like two per cent still believe that there are little green spacemen around."

The survey found that another 9 percent said that climate change was likely due to natural environmental changes alone, said the National Post.

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Unsurprisingly, oil rich Canadian province Alberta had the largest amount of deniers with just 21 percent believing that climate change was man-made.

The poll is in striking contrast to US beliefs on the topic.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a recent study said that about 62 percent of Americans believe climate change is happening while 26 percent do not. The rest remain unsure.

Interestingly, believers in climate change in the US are declining from a high of 75 percent a few years ago.

The Canadian online poll was conducted between May 29 and June 11, said the Canadian Press.

Online polls are, however, fraught with difficulties given the self-selection of respondents and the lack of ability to reach those who do not have internet.