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Woman fills her home with 50 fake babies, husband moves out


Winstone's reborns are so realistic, she was once stopped by police when she had four of them on the back seat.



A British woman has turned her bedroom into a nursery, filling it with 50 fake babies after she learned she was unable to have any more children. 

According to The Sun, Alice Winstone has spent thousands of dollars on the Reborn Dolls, prams, baby bouncers and tiny outfits for them.

Her obsession, which cost her her marriage, began when she learned she couldn't have anymore children. 

Alice, 39, who has five children, constantly spends her time caring for her fake family and even sleeps with them.

Winstone, from Wales, said: “I began looking after the dolls like I would my own babies - they are so life-like and I feel such a close bond to them.

“It’s the best of both worlds as well - I get to dress them up, do their hair and wash their clothes without the endless dirty nappies and sleepless nights!”

She said her husband thought it was a "stupid obsession" and they freaked him out because they are so lifelike. 

“They soon started to affect our sex life as I would want some of them to come to bed with us, but Chris refused."

When her husband left her, she turned her bedroom into a nursery and bought cots for them, the Telegraph reported

"I like them close to me, and I'm never far away from them for long.

She also bought outfits for them, as well as prams, toys and other accessories.