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Mika Yamamoto's final Syria footage released after her death (VIDEO)


This picture, taken in 1998, and released on Aug. 21, 2012, by the Yamamoto family at their home in Tsuru, Yamanashi Prefecture, shows Mika Yamamoto and her father Koji Yamamoto. Mika Yamamoto was killed in the north Syrian city of Aleppo.


Jiji Press

Footage that Mika Yamamoto filmed during her final hours in Syria has been released by Japan Press. 

The Japanese journalist was killed in Syria on Monday after getting caught in the crossfire of a gunfight between rebel and regime forces in Aleppo. 

Yamamoto was reporting from the besieged Syrian city with her husband and colleague Kazutaka Sato, who survived the incident. Her colleague recorded a video from a hotel room in Turkey in which he discusses his wife's death, with subtitles by the British Telegraph.

The Japan Daily Press also released another graphic video of Yamamoto's body after she was killed, in which Sato asks:  “Why? You are wearing a flak jacket," and, while looking at her wound, “That must hurt. Did you suffer?”

"She wasn't a reckless type," Asia Press journalist Jiro Ishimaru told the Japan Times. "(Her death) could mean that the Syrian clash was so fierce that even she could not have avoided the accident."

Her father, a 77-year-old veteran reporter, said Yamamoto wanted to "come home alive to tell the real stories of women and children in battlefields," the Japan Times reported. 

"She is not a war journalist, but rather a human journalist," Hiroshi said. 

Yamamoto is the sixth foreign journalist to die while reporting in Syria, the Los Angeles Times reported.

French reporter Gilles Jacquier and New York Times journalist Anthony Shadid, who died of a severe asthma attack, are among those killed in the conflict, and the Committee to Protect Journalists has reported that at least 17 journalists from both Syria and abroad have died there since November 2011. 

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