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Hippo gets stuck in a resort swimming pool


A hippo.


Markus Heine

A hippo in South Africa is having a bad day. First, his herd chased him away, the Associated Press reported. Then, he tried to unwind from the rejection by plopping into a resort swimming pool. Now he's stuck. This is embarrassing.

The pool is big enough for him to swim in, but too small for him to escape. "There's no way he can come out," Ruby Ferreira, manager of the Monate Conservation Lodge near Johannesburg, told the AP.

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Officials will have to drain the swimming pool, sedate the hippo and then lift him out of the pool by a crane, BBC News reported

However, it's not clear where the lonely hippo will go once he is released from the swimming pool, as his family doesn't appear to love him anymore. “He was pushed out of the family because another baby was born. The older ones do not tolerate him anymore," a National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals spokesman told SAPA