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Debate between Tea Party radio host Graham and Irish President Higgins goes viral


Irish President Michael Higgins waves to well-wishers after his inauguration at Dublin Castle in Dublin on November 11, 2011


Peter Muhly

A 2-year-old debate between a Tea Party-supporting American radio host, Michael Graham, and Irish President, Michael Higgins, has suddenly gone viral.

The strange thing is, nobody knows why.

The vicious debate occurred during a weekly guest slot that Graham hosts called The Right Hook on Ireland's Newstalk radio.

Graham, a noted Tea Party activist, began his career as a comedian, moving into Republican campaigning and finally to right-wing talk radio.

Higgins was elected as Irish President in 2011.

He is a politician, poet and human rights campaigner that once worked in the United States as a professor.

In the clip, Higgins laments how the US has changed since he lived there in the 1960s and said that the right wing had essentially brought about the politics of fear, said Silicon Republic.

The clip, posted by the site Upworthy, has had over 200,000 views in the last 48 hours and counting, rather, multiplying.

The climax came at the end fo the interview when Higgins says to his host: “Be proud to be a decent American rather than just a wanker whipping up fear.”