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Thai mother cooked, ate her 2 sons, according to reports


A Thai woman accused of cooking and eating her two sons is receiving mental health treatment at the Suan Prung Hospital in Chiang Mai.

A woman in Thailand is accused of doing the unthinkable -- cooking and then eating her two young sons.

The woman told police in northern Thailand's Mae Ai district that she was hallucinating and thought the boys, ages 1 and 5, were pigs, The Bangkok Post reported.

Officers told reporters they received a complaint last week that the woman, a member of the Musur hill tribe, had butchered the two boys. She was found asleep at home, body parts strewn around her bed, according to the Post.

Police later discovered the woman had been treated for mental illness in 2007 and recently stopped taking her medication, The Daily Mail reported.

Her husband told The Post he had left his wife alone for a few days so he could go get her pills.

The woman has been deemed mentally unfit stand trial on murder charges and sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

It's one in a string of cannibalism cases reported worldwide this year, according to The Huffington Post.