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Taylor Swift is a wedding crasher, upsets Kennedys


Taylor Swift was spotted at the Kennedy family’s Cape Cod estate over the summer.


Jason Merritt

Taylor Swift reportedly gatecrashed a Kennedy wedding in Boston last weekend and refused repeated requests to leave, the mother of the bride, Victoria Gifford Kennedy, told the Boston Herald.

Mrs Kennedy said she didn’t want the country singer, who’s dating 18-year-old Conor Kennedy, to distract and steal the limelight from her daughter, Kyle's, big day.

She said that Conor was invited, but he had not bothered to RSVP so she assumed he was not attending.

“They texted me an hour before the wedding and asked if they could come,” Gifford Kennedy said.

“I responded with a very clear, ‘Please do not come.’ They came anyway. ... I personally went up to Ms. Swift, whose entrance distracted the entire event, politely introduced myself to her, and asked her as nicely as I could to leave. It was like talking to a ghost. She seemed to look right past me, " Mrs Kennedy was quoted in the newspaper saying.

The Huffington Post reported Swift’s publicist has denied the claims, insisting Swift was welcome at the nuptials in Boston.

It said when the lovebirds showed up at the hotel for the celebration, Swift was mobbed by fans who wanted photos and autographs.

They left during the dinner but returned later for the entertainment and dancing. 

Kyle is the daughter of Michael LeMoyne Kennedy and the granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1968 in a Los Angeles Hotel. Her father Michael tragically died in a skiing accident in Aspen, Colorado in 1997.