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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel did not get married


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel began dating four years ago.


Noel Vasquez

Gossip columnists were adament that the celebrity couple, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, had walked down the aisle in a top secret wedding on Saturday but latest reports suggest otherwise.

A source confirmed to US Weekly that the couple is still happily engaged, and did not tie the knot in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on the weekend.

"Justin and Jessica are seriously still in the early planning stages of the wedding and don't have it all figured out yet, as Jessica keeps saying," the source explains. "They are both working [a lot]," the source said.

Gossip Cop also reported that a member of Timberlake's family denied the nuptials had taken place.

Further dispelling rumours was news the 31-year-old actor was spotted in Puerto Rico on the weekend where he's currently filming Runner, Runner.

Rumours were rife that the celebrity couple, who have been together for four years, were married on Saturday - catching the paparazzi and Hollywood reporters off guard.

According to gossip columnist, Janet Charlton: "They pulled a fast one! They are in the middle of their ceremony at a very fancy private estate."

The wedding reportedly took place on a private estate in the mountain resort area of Wyoming, in front of close friends and family, Entertainment Wise wrote
The Total Recall actress started dating Timberlake in 2007. They briefly split in 2011 but after reuniting, he proposed to her in the Jackson mountains, Wyoming.
Celebrity cake designer Sylvia Wienstock first sparked speculation of a secret wedding when she let it slip she was in Jackson Hole, a known favourite holiday location of the couple.