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The Terra Nova and Her Polar Adventures

The Terra Nova is your first clue.

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We're looking for a city along the North Sea Coast of Scotland.

It's about a third of the way up the east coast of Scotland, north of Edinburgh and south of Aberdeen, but on a little estuary.

That estuary is called the Firth of Tay. This Scottish city is where a whaling ship called the Terra Nova was built.

The wooden ship has an interesting history that includes a starring role in the 1912 Race to the South Pole.

Captain Robert Falcon Scott set off from Cardiff aboard the Terra Nova in 1910 hoping to become the first expedition to reach the South Pole.

This summer a team of scientists was sonar mapping the Atlantic sea bed off the coast of Greenland. And they spotted something lying on the seabed.

Sure enough it's the shipwrecked Terra Nova.
The Terra Nova is considered one of the finest Scottish-built, wooden ships.

And she made some daring voyages on the Southern Ocean according to Brian Kelly, an education officer at the Discovery Point Museum in Dundee, Scotland (the answer to the Geo Quiz).

  • sonar1-e1345224408974.jpg

    Researchers from the Schmidt Ocean Institute discovered the Terra Nova using sonar equipment aboard the R/V Falkor (Photo: Schmidt Ocean Institute)

  • terranova1-e1345224859129.jpg

    S.S. Terra Nova bridge supports visible in the underwater filmed from R/V Falkor (Photo: Schmidt Ocean Institute)

  • terranova3-e1345225840480.jpg

    The 'Terra Nova', the ship that carried Robert Falcon Scott on his exploration of the Antarctic, photographed when icebound.


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