Teen girls sentenced after woman beheaded in carjacking

Two teen girls will spend another year in jail for their roles in a carjacking that led to a woman's decapitation.

The Canadian teens, who cannot be named under a court-ordered publication ban, are from Sandy Lake First Nation in Manitoba.

They entered guilty pleas to manslaughter earlier this year, and a judge sentenced them today to two years jail and a third year of house arrest.

However, because they have already served one year in jail, they will spend only one more behind bars for the deadly robbery last year.

"It tears me apart. I am so sorry (but) these girls should have gotten a longer time," the victim's mother, Cindy Rubio, told CBC News.

Court heard they happened upon Roberta Dawn McIvor passed out in her car after a night of drinking.

The teen girls, 17 and 15 at the time, tried to drag McIvor from her car, but the 32-year-old Native Canadian woman was tangled in the seatbelt.

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She was dragged for about a mile before the teens realized what had happened.

After the death, someone removed all her clothes, dragged her body to a ditch and crossed her arms over her chest.

One of the defense lawyers in the case said his client was shocked to learn McIvor had died during the incident.

"They didn't realize this was happening. They just thought they would put her out of the car and be done with it," Greg Brodsky said before the trial, the Winnipeg Free Press reported.

The girls later drove to a party and bragged that they had stolen the car.

Police admitted there was little evidence from the scene to prove the girls knew McIvor was dead.

They also could not conclusively prove the teens removed McIvor's clothes and dragged her body to the ditch, CTV News said.