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South Africa Shocked at Lonmin Mine Killings


A policeman fires at protesting miners outside a South African mine in Rustenburg. (Photo: Siphiwe Sibeko/REUTERS)

South Africa is in shock a day after police officers fired on a crowd of striking mine workers that killed 34 people. The incident has revived memories of police violence under the country's racist apartheid regime.

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South Africa's police chief said Friday that officers at the mine were forced to open fire when armed protesters charged at them.

And President Jacob Zuma cut short a trip to Mozambique to make his way to the scene of Thursday's shooting.

Anchor Marco Werman talks to Gia Nicolaides, a reporter with Eye Witness News in South Africa, to get the latest on what happened and the reaction in the country.

Nicolaides has been covering the miners' protests in Marikana and witnessed Thursday's shootings.