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Paul Ryan shirtless: TMZ photo shows VP candidate on vacation


House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) takes reporters' questions during a news conference at the US Capitol on Dec. 7, 2011.


Chip Somodevilla

It's been the talk of the Internet for the past week. And now it's here.

TMZ released a photo Friday showing Mitt Romney's buff vice presidential pick, Paul Ryan, shirtless while vacationing in Oklahoma several years ago.

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The GOP congressman from Wisconsin is seen holding his wife Janna's hand while walking on a dock in black swim trunks.

According to TMZ, the picture was taken about six years ago -- before Ryan started the hardcore P90X workout.

P90X is described as an "intense 90-day workout routine and nutrition plan mixing elements of body-weight training, cardio, yoga and martial arts" by The New York Times.

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Ryan, 42, is now rumored to be rocking a six-pack. He says he's dedicated to fitness and eating healthy because of his family's history of heart disease.

Ryan's physique has become an Internet sensation since he joined the Romney campaign. The term "Paul Ryan shirtless" was trending on Google for days after the announcement, and bloggers everywhere have been guessing where and when shirtless photos would emerge.