Another Canadian psycho? Head and foot found in Toronto-area park


A severed head and foot were found Thursday in a park near Toronto. Police say they are searching for the rest of the butchered body.


Canadian Press

A severed head was found in a park in suburban Toronto Thursday, raising fears of another Canadian psycho.

Police said hikers found the head in the Credit River in Mississauga just a day after a human foot with painted bright yellow toenails was found in the same area.

It is still not clear whether the head and foot belong to the same person but CBC reported that the victim is believed to be a woman.

It appeared that the limb and the head had been detached "fairly recently," reported Newser.

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Police combed the area all day yesterday and plan to continue their search for clues or more body parts this morning.

DNA tests are also underway to see if the parts match.

Authorities are treating the case as highly suspcious.

"Without a cause of death we can't call it homicide, but certainly foul play — there's definitely something amiss," said Peel police Acting Insp. Randy Cowan, according to the Associated Press.