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Be careful what you tweet. Park Jeong Keun apparently had no idea anything was amiss when he entertained his Twitter followers with satirical sideswipes at North Korea. Park faces a possible prison sentence after being charged with "praising and supporting an enemy of the state" under a law introduced more than six decades ago to protect the new South Korea from communist infiltration.



There are many reasons GlobalPost rocks (think: office with a view of the Boston Harbor, brilliant and beautiful employees). But GlobalPost's hands-down, best asset is our pool of talented correspondents based all over the world.

Starting this Friday, GlobalPost's Twitter feed will showcase the voices and personal experiences of these correspondents. In a project called "A Friday In ...," a different correspondent based internationally will take over the @AFridayIn account and tweet about his or her travels and daily activities.

This is an opportunity for GlobalPost's followers to learn more about our correspondents and the countries or regions they cover. We hope it will bring an even more personal, conversational, engaging and global voice to our Twitter feed. We invite you to ask our featured correspondent questions about what's happening in his or her part of the world, make recommendations for where he or she could go, and give story tips.

The GlobalPost dispatches and blogs will continue to be sent out on our @GlobalPost feed as normal. You don't need to worry about missing out on our other big stories.

The project starts this week with Patrick Winn (@BKKApologist), GlobalPost's senior correspondent in Southeast Asia. Winn, who is based in Bangkok, will be visiting Klong Toei, a large slum in the city and one of Southeast Asia's largest wet markets. He will get to Klong Toei by 11 p.m. EST and start tweeting then. His tweets will end with " - PW" to make them easy to identify.

Reply to @AFridayIn with questions and suggestions for Winn on everything from Thai politics to travel ideas to the teeming Klong Toei market, which supplies much of the ingredients for Bangkok's famous street food.

Please let us know what you think of this project and how we can expand and improve it.

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