Afghan Withdrawal Raises Concerns Over Security, Economy


Students at Kabul University, a scene impossible under the Taliban. (Photo: US AID)

Whatever happens in the US election, American troops and their international allies are likely to continue to come home as planned by 2014.

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The Afghans will be left to face a resurgent Taliban.

Abdul Waheed Wafa is executive director of the Afghan Center at Kabul University.

Wafa says he's worried about what's going to happen.

He says security will get worse, but he's hopeful the country will avoid an all-out civil war.

"It's a different country," he says, "it's not like 1991."

1991 saw the beginning of a violent civil war in Afghanistan, following the Soviet withdrawal, and the end of international interference.

Wafa says he's more worried about the economy collapsing after foreign troops withdraw.

"Thousands of jobs will be lost when those security bases (close)," he says, "then investors will face an uncertain mood."