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Women sue plastic surgeon for posting naked 'before-and-after' photos of them on internet


The women claim they believed the photos were taken solely for medical purposes and say they were originally told their names would not be linked to any of the photos.



Ten women from the United States have launced legal action against their plastic surgeon, Dr Michele Koo, alleging the photos were posted online without their permission for marketing purposes.

According to the St Louis. Post Dispatch, the before-and-after pictures of their breast augmentation surgeries could be found online through a simple search of their names.

The women are aged from 21 to 58, and were reportedly "horrified". In some cases, friends alerted them to the website.

The case, in the Federal Court in St Louis, where the women reside, are suing Dr Koo, of Kirkwood, for negligence. 

Neil Bruntrager, a lawyer for eight of the patients, says he knows of more than 30 women whose pictures were similarly put on Koo's website, the article reports.

The Daily Mail reported the images showed no faces and were authorized by patients who expected their names to remain confidential.

The doctor allegedly used them to promote and market her business.

Court papers state the women suffered "shame, humiliation, embarrassment, anxiety, nervousness, [and] loss of sleep" as a result of the pictures.