Logan Black, Iraq War vet, adopts Diego, bomb-sniffing dog that saved his life


A labrador pictured in Vincennes, France, on April 19, 2011.


Franck Prevel

Iraq war veteran Logan Black spent years looking for the bomb-detecting Labrador that saved his life and then collected 6,000 signatures in order to convince the Air Force to end the dog's "service" to allow for his adoption, according to CNN

The 34-year-old bomb specialist originally trained the dog, whose name is Diego, in Iraq. The two went on almost 40 missions there between 2006 and 2007, said Britain's The Daily Mail

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“He was my best friend and my partner in Iraq,” Black said, describing the eight-year-old yellow Labrador to CNN. "No matter how bad things got in Iraq, I always had something that loved me unconditionally.”

Black also said he and other members of the military owe their very lives to Diego.

One time, Black recalled, the dog gave him "a full indication that ‘Hey dad, something’s here!’" near a spot where Black was standing. Turns out "there were two roadside bombs that had been buried too deep for metal detectors to find," Black said, according to CNN

After Black returned to the US, the Kansas City native worried he would lose track of his beloved Diego. So he started campaigning on Facebook for the dog's retirement, reported The Daily Mail, and the two were reunited last Tuesday. 

Watch a CNN video on their reunion here.