Sikh temple shooting: Wisconsin temple holds first Sunday service since attack


Mourners pray during a memorial service at Oak Creek High School to mourn the loss of six members of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin on Aug.10, 2012 in Oak Creek, Wis.


Scott Olson

Hundreds gathered at a Sikh temple in suburban Milwaukee for its first Sunday service since a gunman killed six people before turning the gun on himself.

The service was the culmination of a weekend of events meant to honor the victims of last Sunday's shooting and take back the temple in Oak Creek as a place of worship, USA Today reported.

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Sikhs from as far away as California and Cleveland chartered buses and drove hours to attend.

"It's an emotional day but it's getting better," Justice Khalsa, 41, of Milwaukee, told USA Today. "I'm smiling and laughing now, but once this group goes away and we're back to our regular schedule, it will be haunting, I'm sure."

Temple members removed the bloodstained carpeting and painted over gunfire-scarred walls, but left a dime-sized bullet hole uncovered to mark the memory of the shooting rampage by Army veteran and white supremacist Wade Michael Page, The Associated Press reported.

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In a memorial service Friday, Attorney General Eric Holder told mourners the attack was "an act of terrorism, an act of hatred, a hate crime.".

He also applauded the Sikh community for not responding to the attack with violence, CNN reported.

"This week, our friends and neighbors in the Sikh community have shown us the best way to respond is with love," Republican Gov. Scott Walker, wearing a traditional orange Sikh head covering, told attendees.