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Our ultimate Olympics Closing Ceremonies playlist


Farewell, 2012 London Olympics. We'll miss you too.


Scott Heavey

Nobody wants the Olympics to be over. Come on...what are we going to watch? Regular programming? 

However, we're finding solace in the Closing Ceremonies, which are arguably going to be the best Brit-pop concert ever put on in the United Kingdom's history. So to take the edge off, we've rounded up the best songs to say goodbye to the London Games, by none other than the Ceremonies' performers. 

1. Spice Girls, "Goodbye"

The Spice Girls, who made pleather Union Jack outfits cool for years, are reuniting for the Olympics final show. Sure, we're partial to their classic hits like "Wannabe" and "Stop," but this Geri-less slow jam about farewells just seems more fitting for this particular occasion.  

2. The Who, "My Generation"

This rock-out Who song is the perfect head-banging anthem for any generation...including the one that got to see London host the greenest games to date. It also made an appearance in the Opening Ceremonies' "young, hip" dance number, and we just like it when things come full circle. 

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3. Queen, "Another One Bites the Dust"

Queen has been responsible for far too many sports-worthy anthems for one band (these are the people, after all, who brought us "We Will Rock You") but this song is probably going through quite a few Olympic athletes' heads—especially the ones who didn't make it through the Games. 

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4. Fatboy Slim, "Praise You"

At the end of the day, the Olympics are, like all great sporting events, about the glory. From Usain Bolt's triple gold medal sweep to the USA's Gabby Douglas making history as the first African American gymnast to take the all-around title to Oscar Pistorius' inspirational story, we think a little praise is in order. (Bonus points for the fearless acrobatics in this music video.)

5. Muse, "Invincible" 

This ballad starts off with the lyrics "Follow through/Make your dreams come true/Don't give up the fight." Well, if that isn't Olympics-level heart wrenching, we don't know what is. 

6. One Direction, "One Thing" 

This UK boy band sensation is presumably singing about the girl of their collective dreams in this sugary-sweet confection of a song, but we like to think they're referring to the Games...the ONE THING we've had on our brains for the past two weeks. How will we live without the constant flow of athletic competition?! 

7. George Michael, "One More Try" 

The good news about the Olympics? There's another set of Games on the way in four more years (two, if you're into winter sports). So for those of us who are disappointed to see them go, or the athletes that fell short...well, there's always Rio. 

See you in 2016!