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Mexico wins gold vs Brazil, 2-1


Diego Reyes of Mexico falls to his knees and celebrates winning the goal medal after victory in the Men's Football Final between Brazil and Mexico at the London 2012 Olympic Games on Aug. 11, 2012.


Julian Finney

Mexico took the lead in the first 30 seconds and held it, sometimes desperately, until the final whistle.

Brazil's Rafael da Silva failed to clear the ball down the line and played the ball through traffic. Mexico's Oribe Peralta pounced, and there it was, a line drive to the near post, 1-0 Mexico.  

Mexico defended against Brazil's offensive onslaught for much of the first half, but the score remained 1-0 Mexico as both teams headed down the tunnel for halftime. 

Mexico's Oribe Peralta scored again in the second half, this time with a free header. It only took a simple run for the defender to free himself. You could almost hear a collective sigh eminate from Brazil. 

As the pundit-sphere has said, repeatedly, Brazil sports no Olympic soccer gold in its trophy case. Brazilian coach Menezes was set to correct the grevious absence of hardware, and put together a strong squad.

But it was a lackluster defense that undid them. 

Brazil had their chances. There were moments of individual brilliance. Neymar with the ball at his feet exploded up the field again and again, but quality was lacking in the final moments.

That is, until Brazil's Hulk scored with seconds left to play. Damaio played Hulk into space, who then drilled the ball past Mexico's goalkeeper Corona.

But it was too little to late. 

“We all know that we need to win the gold,” Menezes said before the game. “Brazil has to win every tournament it plays, it needs to win every match it plays, even if it’s a friendly. And this time even more because it’s something the nation has never won before.”

Mexico took gold. Brazil will take the silver and a lot of criticism.