North Korea's first lady spotted with Dior handbag


Kim Jong Un stands with his wife, Ri Sol Ju.



It seems North Korea's "excellent horse lady" also has excellent taste in handbags. 

Ri Sol Ju, wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was recently spotted with a Christian Dior handbag. While normally having great fashion sense wouldn't be news, it is when that bag (if it is not a knockoff) costs more than 16 times the yearly income of the average North Korean, according to The New York Times. 

The Lady Dior clutch retails for about $1,600 in South Korea. The bag's lambskin version costs about $1,700 in the United States.

Photos surfaced of the first lady and her husband on state television and the official news agency. The photos show the couple applauding while seated together watching outdoor art performances by soldiers. AFP noted that the photos are undated. 

Perhaps Kim is taking a page out of his father's lavish playbook. According to Time, Kim Jong Il reportedly had a full-time sushi chef, a 100,000-bottle wine cellar and a love of Hennessy cognac, "to the tune of $800,000 a year."

Beyond her apparent love of luxury designer goods, Ri remains a mystery to much of the world. Ri Sol-Ju is the singer of “Footsteps of a Solder”, and possibly also “Excellent Horse-Like Lady”. Jack Hamilton has reviewed her work for GlobalPost, and we have to say that this North Korean pop star certainly is catchy, talented, and sure to be as excellent a first lady as she is horse-like.

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