World Food Program sends North Korea emergency food aid


A villager looks at a destroyed home after a flash flood swept through Kuandian, near the China-North Korea border in northeast China's Liaoning province on Aug. 21, 2010. Heavy rain sparked serious flooding along the border again this year.



The United Nation's World Food Program has sent North Korea emergency food aid, to help after massive flooding killed at least 169 people, leaving another 212,000 people homeless.

Hundred of people are still missing.

WFP said the assistance will give flood victims in the south of North Korea 400 grams (0.88 pound) of maize a day for two weeks, the Christian Science Monitor reported. More batches are expected to be sent later this month after the UN organization does an assessment.

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A recent UN report said 7.2 million people out of North Korea's 24 million population are "chronically poor," with a third of children affected by poor nutrition, Reuters wrote.

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