Obama's fundraising falls behind Romney's for third straight month


President Obama fell short of Mitt Romney's fundraising efforts, although he still managed to raise $75 million in July.



President Obama may have been able to raise $75 million in campaign funds in July, but his efforts paled in comparison to Mitt Romney's second straight month of more than $100 million in donations. 

The Obama campaign released the fundraising information in a series of Tweets, which included:

@BarackObama Reporting back on last month's fundraising numbers: In July, 761,000 people donated to raise over $75 million for this campaign. Thank you.

@BarackObama 201,000 of the people who gave in July were entirely new donors who didn't give before in this election cycle or in 2008.

@BarackObama Since April 2011, a total of 2.7 million people have pitched in to own a piece of this campaign. 

About 98 percent of the money received by the Democratic National Committee was from donors who gave $250 or less, the Obama campaign said, according to UPI. The average donation was $53.

While that number may be small, it does come with one significant advantage: supporters will be able to donate again in August and September.

The LA Times noted that this marks the third straight month that Romney has added more to his election war chest than Obama. According to the Times, at the end of July, Obama’s campaign sent out increasingly "urgent" emails asking supporters to contribute. One email that was signed by the president noted that his upcoming birthday "could be the last one I celebrate as President."

Obama may just have to step up his game to match his rival's efforts, which in July included a number of high-priced events, including a fundraiser in London that brought in at least $2 million from American expats, the LA Times reported.

Perhaps Obama's fundraising event tonight will make a dent in that number. According to ABC, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein will co-host an event with Anne Hathaway, star of “The Dark Knight Rises,” and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.