For the Geo Quiz, we head to Jamaica, which has plenty to celebrate Monday. Jamaicans are marking 50 years of independence from the British, but what they're really excited about is local hero Usain Bolt. He won gold in the men's 100-meter final Sunday and retained his title as fastest man on the planet. Even Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller took time out of her busy schedule to praise Usain Bolt. Bolt's hometown of Sherwood Content is also thrilled and for the quiz, we would like you to name a location a short distance from Bolt's birthplace. It is a Bay that is a popular tourist destination. Christopher Columbus called it the" Fair Weather Gulf' when he visited in 1494. Montego Bay is the answer to the Geo Quiz. Anchor Lisa Mullins talks to Zahra Burton, a journalist in Kingston, Jamaica, to get details on the celebrations in Jamaica.

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