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FOX Sports mixes Iraq for Iran in announcing Hamid Soryan's Olympic gold medal win


Iran's Hamid Soryan Reihanpour waves the Iranian flag after defeating Armenia's Roman Amoyan in their 55 kg Greco - Roman gold medal match at the World Wrestling Championships in Herning on September 25, 2009.


Claus Fisker

OK, the cat's out of the Bag(hdad) over at FOX Sports -- and she is one angry Persian kitty, with the network's headline on the Iranian Olympian wrestler Hamid Soryan's gold medal win reading, yes, "IT'S IN THE BAGHDAD!"

The text under the headline correctly identifies Soryan as Iranian: see the screen shot here, courtesy of (you guessed it) The Huffington Post

They don't get the first-call cred, though -- that goes to Gawker, with Max Read's deadpan-like "Fox Sports Can’t Tell the Difference Between Iraq and Iran." 

The folks at FOX must have been so excited by their puntastic Baghdad headline that they didn't notice the glaring error. So Read asked readers to submit other possibilities. Some of them are pretty good: 


The conversation quickly returned to the issue at hand, however, with one reader pointing out

Alvis: To be fair, there IS a Baghdad, Iran.,_Iran

Max Read: Hahahahaha! I'm sure that's what they were referring to

No doubt. Just like in 2009, when they mistakenly placed Egypt in Iraq.

But back to Iran: five-time world champion Soryan claimed the country's first gold medal in men's 55-kilogram in Sunday's Greco-Roman wrestling match, reported the Associated Press, winning over Rovshan Bayramov of Azerbaijan 2-0, 1-0.