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Olympics officials face questions over $70,000 lunch bill in London


A copy of the receipt in question and the China Tang restaurant.



A group of Olympic bosses appear to have splashed out on a $70,000 lunch that included a $28,000 bottle of 1853 Hennessy cognac, photos and commentary circulating on the internet suggest.

The talk started when a receipt was posted on Reddit, the viral news website, with the headline: "My friend's a waiter and this is a receipt for an official lunch for 15 Olympic Bosses. Now we see where all the money's going..."

It was then reported on US news site The Atlantic Wire with an appeal for more details.

News website has speculated that the restaurant where the meal allegedly took place was London's upscale China Tang at the Dorchester hotel,.

The partial view of the bill shows other, relatively modestly-priced dishes like portions of spiced chicken, vegetarian fried rice and sorbet platters, the Daily Mail wrote.

The person who posted the receipt on Reddit has since deleted their account, but not before the picture went viral.

A staff member told website said the restaurant had hosted several parties of Olympic officials but she could not remember this group in particular. 

The Atlantic pointed out that given the amount of information missing from the story, it was "too early to start pointing fingers."

Besides which, the Olympics are funded with both private and public money, so who really knew who would pick up the tab for the lunch.

There's also a suggestion that the format of the bill makes the addition of the Hennessy at the bottom suspicious.

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