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Olympic village made of Lego bricks weighs nearly 180 pounds

Lego Olympic Park has been created from 250,000 bricks.

Pocket-lint said that that freelance lego artist, Warren Elsmore spent more than 300 hours working on the model.

His opus after weeks of work: a detailed replica of the park, complete with sculptures, stadiums and the aquatics center.

Gizmodo reported that the lego park weighs between 170 and 180 pounds and cost about $30,000 to build.

Apparently the "artist" did it with no prior plan or visualization - just grabbed the pieces and took it from there.

The structure can be seen in the Imagine Denmark tourism tent near the real Olympic village.

It is even for sale after the Games.

The price? A cool £20,000 (just over $31,000) said Gizmodo.

What's even more interesting is that there are such people as "freelance Lego artists" like Elsmore.

On his website, Elsmore descibes himself as an artist in lego bricks and says he's currently writing a book.