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Great Weekend Reads


Twitter user Rebecca Denton posted a photo of the Mayor dangling on a zip line. "Boris Johnson stuck on a zip line in Victoria Park. I kid you not."


Rebecca Denton via @rebeccasbrain on Twitter

Women in Egypt fueled the fight for gender equality, Putin took London by storm, and Olympic gymnasts defied Newton's laws of gravity. No matter how you cut it, it's been a big week for the world. Here's a sampling of the most important stories from GlobalPost and a look at some of the news you might have missed.


Special Report: The voice and the veil
Though Egyptian feminism is not a new phenomenon, the country sits at a precarious time in its history and a diverse group of dreamers is doing everything possible to turn revolutionary hopes into real equality for women. GlobalPost presents their stories.



North Waziristan: The problem no one wants to talk about
A peaceful Afghanistan appears inextricably linked to a peaceful North Waziristan.





Louder, funnier, needier: Olympic parents reach for gold
For moms who could win medals for facial gymnastics, what’s it like to bring up a champion?





Jerusalem gay pride parade honors shooting victims, remains festive
The unsolved murder at a gay youth center in Tel Aviv was acknowledged but didn't dampen the event.




Putin parades in London
The Russian leader takes another invitation to stymie the West.





She Never Asks For It
Commentary: In India, men attack women. Authorities dither. And society blames the victim.





Planet Pic: Defying gravity
Photos: Gymnasts from across the globe defy gravity.





Accelerate: Jeep 2.0
Turning a World War II-era vehicle into clean public transit.





Nicaragua Rewind: Threat of re-armed contras stirs old ghosts
1980s contra collaborators are reorganizing in Miami to lobby for funding for an alleged re-armed rebel movement in Nicaragua.





Dangling Boris meme takes the Internet by storm
London's mayor, Boris Johnson, is stealing the Olympic spotlight after getting stuck on a zipline.