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USA Basketball sets new record, creams competition in process


Team USA celebrating another basketball victory.



Olympic basketball isn't exactly...competitive. To put it bluntly, team USA is far and away the best team on the international stage. 

Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and crew are absolutely annihilating the competition in London. The team even set several records in their matchup against Nigeria including  most points scored in the first half of a game with 78 points in the first half. Carmelo Anthony alone scored 37 points. According to the Associated Press, they also set records for most 3-pointers (26), field goals (59) and field-goal percentage (71). In total, USA dominated over Nigeria with a 156-73 victory.

Bryant expressed a bit of remorse at just how badly team USA is crushing the competition. He told the Associated Press, "When we get hot, it's a big problem. So you have all these guys on one team and then all get hot on the same night, it's tough."

Bryant apparently didn't have enough remorse to hold back on his game with the Nigerians or the French, Brazilians or Tunisians. Check out Bryant and a few others in GlobalPost's favorite GIFs of the games. 

Team USA throwing back a 3-pointer:


Celebrating their victories:

Getting some hang time: 

Scaring off the other team with a single point:

Showing their might: