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Swine flu: State fairs may spread the illness, CDC says


The CDC has warned that swine flu may be spreading at state fairs around the country.


Mark Kolbe

Swine flu is once again spreading throughout the United States.

This time, however, CDC officials are warning about contact with pigs at state fairs, which are currently in season.

The Associated Press reported that there has already been 29 cases of the flu this year, mostly in children.

The news agency also said that 10 of the 12 cases reported this week were linked to the Butler County Fair in Ohio, an event which finished up last weekend.

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Luckily, the new mutation of the virus has yet to see human to human transmission.

"It may be a little different, but it's still not a human virus," said Joseph Bresee of the CDC's influenza division, reported MedPage Today.

CDC officials said they are currently at work on a vaccine that deals with the current strain.

State fairs are going on all around the country this summer and the risk posed by sick pigs is always lurking.

The Boston Globe offered its readers some valuable advice: steer clear of pigs that look under the weather.