Obama opens up lead in crucial states, new poll


US President Barack Obama visited Ohio today, where he learned that he leads Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney in some of the most important battlegrounds.



President Obama was all smiles on his visit to Ohio today after a new poll showed he has boosted his lead in two crucial states.

Strong support among women and Latinos and doubts about Mitt Romney’s business background have led to leads in Florida, Ohio and Pennysylvania, the Los Angeles Times reported.

These are among the most important prizes on the electoral map,  the New York Daily News reported. 

The Quinnipac/CBS/New York Times survey shows he has a 6-point lead over Romney in both Ohio and Florida and is up 11 points in Pennsylvania.

Addressing a friendly crowd in Mansfield, Ohio, the President hit out at Romney's proposed tax cuts, saying: "He's asking you to pay more so that people like him can get a tax cut." Obama told supporters in Mansfield, Ohio.

Obama said Romney has also proposed new tax cuts of $5 trillion that will benefit mainly the wealthy, USA Today reported.

"The bulk of this cut would go to the very top ... the wealthiest 1% of all households," Obama said

His visit to Ohio is his ninth this year, wrote the New York Times.