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London Mayor Boris Johnson gets an eyeful of the city while stuck on zip line


Twitter user Rebecca Denton posted a photo of the Mayor dangling on a zip line. "Boris Johnson stuck on a zip line in Victoria Park. I kid you not."


Rebecca Denton via @rebeccasbrain on Twitter

London Mayor Boris Johnson got a birds eye view of London on Wedneday when he got stuck on the city's new zip line.

The Telegraph newspaper is reporting that Johonson was invited to test out the zip line in Victoria Park, London as a "special guest".

Instead of sailing down with the greatest of ease, the Mayor was left dangling high above the crowd about 20 meters from the end of the line. 

When a spectator asked Johnson how he was feeling, the newspaper quotes him as saying “very, very well thank you”, before shouting: "Get me a rope, get me a ladder" to bystanders.

He tried to reassure the crowd, saying “It’s very, very well organised. “It’s going well so far. Right.”

A spokesperson for Johnson told the Telegraph that the Mayor "remained unbowed" by the incident. "The judges will rightly be marking him down for artistic impression,” he joked.

Broadcaster ITV reported that the mayor was pulled to the ground at around 13:30 local time this afternoon.