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Cormorants: Underwater dive video shows the bird's power


A new video shows just how incredible the cormorant dive for food can be.


Attila Kisbenedek

The cormorant's deep-sea drive has been filmed by researchers.

Researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) strapped a camera to an imperial cormorant to better understand its feeding habits.

Slate reported that new footage by the group shows the bird dive 150ft underwater off the coast of Argentina's Patagonia region in under 40 seconds.

In the video the bird even catches a fish in the deep during his brief search for food.

It was the first time that researchers were able to have a front-row seat to the feeding habits of the animal.

The research team has, according to BBC, been studying the birds for the last decade.

Their research into cormorants' eating habits aims at discovering new areas where the bird can be protected.

According to UPI, the study has already tracked the movements of 400 of the birds.