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Spanish-American singer uses blended culture to craft her music


The San Francisco-based band LoCura has a sound that is a blend of Spanish and American cultures. (Photo courtesy of LoCura.)

Kata Miletich, the lead singer of LoCura, was born in Spain, the daughter of an American father and a Spanish mother.

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She spent part of her childhood in Italy, but now lives in San Francisco.

It’s not surprising then that LoCura’s new album is called “Semilla Caminante” or “traveling seed.”

Miletich said the title was inspired by a concept from flamenco called “ida y vuelta,” which means roundtrip.

It’s the idea of songs, traditions and styles of music traveling with people from Spain to the Americas, she says.

Those traditions then mix with the indigenous cultures.

Miletich’s life story reflects the band’s mestizo philosophy.

Kata Miletich uses the particulars of her unconventional journey to craft the band’s lyrics, in Spanish and English.