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Sneezing helps us reboot our body, says a new study


A new study says that sneezing is our nose's natural reboot.


Odd Andersen

Sneezing is our nose's natural reboot button says a new study.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania said they have found out why we sneeze, namely that it reboots our nose when it feels under threat.

Indeed, when bad particles are inhaled through the nose, a reset in the environment within the organ is needed, said Science Daily.

Medical XPress said that sneezes are accompanied by biochemical signals that regulate the beating of the tiny hairs in hour nasal passages.

Researchers made the claim after using cells from mice noses grown in incubators to see how they cleared mucus.

They even tried the same with human cells, finding those with sinus problems responding differently to sneezing.

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The study said that those with sinus problems, like sinusitis, sneeze more often than normal people as their noses cannot reboot.

"While sinusitis rarely leads to death, it has a tremendous impact on quality of life, with the majority of symptoms coming from poor clearance of mucus," said Noam A. Cohen, of the University of Pennsylvania, reported EarthSky.

"By understanding the process by which patients with sinusitis do not clear mucus from their nose and sinuses, we can try to develop new strategies to compensate for their poor mucus clearance and improve their quality of life."

The study was published in the FASEB Journal.