A 6-year-old boy named Isaac Anthony has been filmed giving Americans a Letterman-style top-10 of reasons not to vote for Barack Obama.

The video (below) was uploaded to YouTube by a group calling itself The Patriot Update.

The group, which bills itself as ''the leading news source for the everyday American,'' has enraged those who believe children should not be used as political mouthpieces, according to News.com.au.

News.com.au describes the most-controversial moment as when Anthony says Obama wants to take guns away from good guys, and makes his point by firing a toy gun pulled from a holster on his belt.

It gives its readers 10 reasons why the video is "really wrong," including that

  • This is hardly the best week to show a kid firing a gun.
  • The flagpole near the end of the video appears to depict a Gadsden Flag, which has become a symbol of the Tea Party Movement. It features a coiled rattlesnake and the motto “Don’t Tread on Me”. Some Americans consider it offensive.
  • Kids always look annoying in sunglasses. And ... 
  • The boy says Obama doesn’t want to drill for oil. This he says while standing next to a General Motors “Denali” pickup truck. The mountain called Denali is the highest peak in Alaska, a major oil drilling state where Obama has recently approved new fields.

The Patriot Update website describes Anthony as a "conservative six-year-old who knows where he stands on political issues and the upcoming Presidential election."

According to Business Insider, the Patriot Update touts itself as "a free press for the Conservative revolution."

Recent articles on the site include "US Main Stream News Agencies Are Controlled By Communists" and "Chick-Fil-A Attacks: The Hypocrisy of Left Wing Bullies."

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