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General Mills sued for Nature Valley health claims


Nature Valley brand health claims questioned in a new lawsuit.


Alex Wong

General Mills' Nature Valley products are in question after two California mothers file a lawsuit claiming false advertising.

The women claim that despite being touted on the box as "100% natural," Nature Valley granola bars are actually full of processed ingredients.

According to Fox News, the so called natural ingredients in Nature Valley's granola bars include high-fructose corn syrup, maltose corn syrup and maltodextrin - all of which are processed additions that either thicken or sweeten the granola bar.

It was reported by Fox, however, that the former had been removed from most of its products after a public outcry a few years back.

“I’ve figured out now that something can say it’s 100 percent natural on the outside and not be 100 percent natural,” said Amy McKendrick, one of the mothers involved in the lawsuit, reported the New York Times.

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“I want to make sure other people making purchases understand that, too.”

There are currently no federal requirements when labelling a food "natural," unlike "organic," which requires government oversight and testing.

Triple Pundit said that customers often prefer "natural" to "organic" on packaging, despite the former's stricter use.

General Mills, which owns the brand, said that it had yet to hear about the lawsuit.