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Ryan Lochte banned from wearing grill at Olympics (VIDEO)


Ryan Lochte initially wearing his grill, before IOC members asked him to remove it.



Ryan Lochte is making waves both in and out of the pool at the 2012 London games. He became an international sensation after winning gold and dethrowning Michael Phelps in the 400m individual medley, but before he could receive his Olympic hardware, the London Olympic committee asked that he remove his. 

Since the 2007 World Championships in Australia, Lochte has had the odd tradition of wearing a grill, otherwise known as a bedazzled retainer, every time he makes it to the medal stand, According to USA Today, Lochte wore a grill in Shangai last year when he took the medal podium in  the FINA World Championships.

While that grill was simply diamond studded, Lochte's latest grill had more patriotic flare, sporting red white and blue jewels. Perhaps it was too patriotic for the IOC judges who told the Lochte that if he didn't remove the mouthpiece, he would not receive his medal, according to Bleacher Report. 

In this video posted in June, Lochte explained that he had three different grills, with his custom Olympics grill on the way: 

What do you think about Lochte's grill? Patriotic swag, or disrespectful to the other Olympians? Share with us in the comments.