Alex Casimir, 13, writes the blog Fish Slaps a Baby. (Photo by Josh Rogosin.)

The head writer for Jon Stewart's Daily Show has a new book out — and its all about kids. 

Planet Tad, by Tim Carvell, is about a 12-year-old who starts a blog in hopes of attracting the attention of Natalie Portman. He struggles with middle school, his little sister, standard preteen fare.

But how well does it stack up to reality?

If blog posts are a kind of psychological Polaroid, then it makes sense that when we look at kids’ blog posts, we see a lot of personalities being forged and altered, being tried on and discarded.

Lola Owett, 9, describes her blogging self as “more like the girl who says whatever she wants and doesn’t check it with her parents.”

“I blog because I’m so incredibly bored,” said Alex Casimir, 13. “Sometimes you just feel like getting something out. Blogging is the best exercise and it helps you become a better writer.”

And it allows him to express another side of himself.

“I think when you’re behind a keyboard at home, (you feel) much more comfortable with saying whatever you’re saying online rather than in real life," Casimir said.

As for Planet Tad, it’s written more like a series of Facebook updates than a blog, these kid experts report.

“It’s a lot of Here’s My Opinion,” noted Gil Dominguez-Letelier, 9. “But I’m not in middle school yet so maybe I’ll do a lot of Here’s My Opinion (too).”

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