James Holmes: Want you didn't want to know, but do, and that's ok


Authorities have identified James Holmes as the alleged gunman in the Aurora shootings.

Maybe you saw it. When Steven Colbert chastised the media's coverage of the Aurora shooting.

With less than his usually loud sarcasm, Colbert told his audience that when "Faced with something like this, there is nothing really to be said. Other than I am sorry that other broadcasters got to say all that nothing before I had a shot." 

Colbert was referring to the media's senseless and near instantaneous speculation of James Holmes' politics. Breitbart News falsely accused the accused killer of being a democrat, and ABC News falsely reported Holmes a Tea Party member, as if we could somehow correlate his murder of 12 innocent people with his political leanings. 

Since then we’ve learned a few things about James Eagan Holmes—all of it disturbing:

Holmes calls himself "the Joker"

Holmes rigged his apartment with 30 handmade grenades 

Holmes says he has amnesia 

Holmes spit at guards 

Holmes sent attack plans to a shrink prior to shooting

Holmes' disconcerting blank stare in court

Holmes used evidence bags as hand puppets 

Holmes paid prostitute $240 at brothel - but didn't want sex